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The Location & Building Details

The Suttman Building | Historical Building | Home to Entropy Brew Co.

Centrally located in the historic downtown of Miamisburg, the Suttman building is a three-story property built nearly 120 years ago, will be renovated and transformed to new life while maintaining much of its historical structure. The 1960s/1970s aluminum storefront will be removed and a more historically accurate storefront will replace it - one that matches the look and feel of downtown. 

The Suttman building is full of rich history. It was built in 1900 and was home to Suttman’s Men’s and Boy’s Wear for 115 years until the third generation of the Suttman family closed it down in 2013. It was donated to the city three years later and has been empty since.

We are excited to help bring new life to the downtown area and see such a large building restored!

1 and 2 bedroom apartments will occupy the 2nd and 3rd floor. Apartments will be completely new and have private parking. Leasing starting May/June 2022 will is open and you can find more information HERE.

Entropy Brew Co. will occupy the 1st floor, patio space and basement of the Suttman building.

The basement will serve as a "Speakeasy" with its own private entrance coming from the outdoor patio as well as house the brewing equipment.

The large patio area will provide a significant amount outdoor seating as well as a garage door that will open up to seating inside. 

The first floor will have a large bar filled with house-brewed taps, a kitchen serving coffee and light breakfast options, with a full lunch and dinner menu. Tucked away from the bar will be an indoor playground with family seating. This play area will be open all day, providing the perfect local play café experience that both adults and kids can equally enjoy.


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